About Us

Welcome to Sonaversity...


Sonaversity is a leading Research and Development Centre for Multimedia Technology.

The Centre was established in 1999 by the Sona Group of Institutions which comprises Sona College of Technology and Thiagarajar Polytechnic College, both located in the city of Salem, Tamilnadu State, India.

Realising the importance of keeping pace with the rapidly expanding scenario in engineering education and training, the centre is currently concentrating on the development of a wide range of learning resources in engineering and technology areas. The learning resources are designed to cater exclusively to the needs of students of polytechnic colleges, engineering colleges and training institutes; there are skill - upgrading packages for industry personnel too.

Each of Sonaversity’s CBT packages for educational institutions is available as a combination of a textbook and a multimedia CD - ROM.

The learning material is presented as interactive, ready - reference and learner - centred multimedia tools that cater to all levels of education. The CD - ROM is user - friendly and includes a wide variety of animation, graphics and video clippings. The textbook accompanying the CD - ROM is written in crisp, elegant and simple language to facilitate the learning process in the absence of a computer.


Sonaversity Vision is to develop Computer Based Training (CBT) packages for all the Engineering Subjects, Management Science and Computer Applications.


We are Committed to develop quality Computer Based Learning Resources (LRs) using appropriate software tools for making the learning process easier and enjoyable.

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